The tofjs-full package

tofjs-full is the current state of the TofJs program, bundled in a single NPM package.

1. Resources

The TofJs program is a work-in-progress and the tofjs-full package is the current state of its library, bundled in a single NPM package.
This news group is dedicated to the TofJs program and tofjs-full package. Please, feel invited to leave a comment.
This is an current overview of all the projects and files of the TofJs program. It in particular includes the tofjs-full project, which is a combination of all the other projects. tofjs-full.tof-doc.html is the according documentation and tofjs-full.node.js is the Node module.

2. Installation and update

Make sure that Node.js us up and running. Then call

 npm install tofjs-full 
When you then open a Node session and call say
 var TofJs = require ('tofjs-full') 
then the whole functionality of the TofJs library is available from the TofJs object. See tofjs-full.tof-doc.html, the documentation of all these definitions.

If you already have a version of tofjs-full install and you would like to update it to the latest version, simply call

 npm install tofjs-full 

3. Versions

The latest version is

Version 1.0.7 (2017-03-24)

The whole NPM package comprises these three files:

Previous versions: